Old Man WINTER is coming!
Reuniting a gloveless person with their wayward glove....
It seems so small a gesture, but every random act of kindness is repaid somewhere, sometime.
Our aim is to aid creating a happy reunion.

There is no charge for our efforts and you will not get spammed or audited, etc.
You MAY, however, receive a warm fuzzy feeling inside

Leather sport glove, LH
See it and others in FOUND GLOVES.

Do you have a COLD hand?Surprised
Check in FOUND gloves


Did you find a lonely glove?
Just leave a note where you found it
assuring the owner that it is in our care
and drop us a note (with a picture would be great!)

This site is based on and inspired by the original concept "One Cold Hand" by Jennifer Gooch 
                    in Pittsburgh. You can visit her site here: http://www.onecoldhand.com

A sister site located in New York City can be viewed here: http://www.onecoldhand-nyc.com.
Another sister site is in progress in Milano :http://www.onecoldhand-milano.com/
The gang grows - One Cold Hand - London : http://onecoldhand-london.blogspot.com
Unloved Glove (England) : http://www.unlovedglove.com
 Found Clothing : http://foundclothing.typepad.com
Paradise of Lost Gloves (Canada) : http://web.mac.com/pascal/site/Gants_perdus.html